Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New York Personal Trainer Josh Bailey Cardio Workout

You can watch the cardio workout video of New York personal trainer Josh Bailey as he performs high intensity calisthenics in a park in northern New Jersey.  You may visit his website, for additional and more detailed contact and fitness information.  You may also visit his organ meal prep website, which shows how to cook healthy without hormones, chemicals or processed foods.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New York City Basketball Photos of the DND Invitational Basketball League

Here are some freshly taken (two days ago) New York City basketball photos of the DND Invitational Basketball tournament. This photo is of one of the players on the TNP or Take No Prisoners NYC basketball team.

Another NY basketball photo at the DND Invitational.

Here is a NY basketball photo of Queens NY basketball player Jason McLeish
The BQFL Football league has New York City football video featuring blocking, running plays and interceptions in Brooklyn New York.

They play most of their football games at Lindsay Park in Brooklyn and it is pretty exciting to watch them play.

New York City Basketball Video of the DND Invitational Basketball League

The New York City basketball video of the DND Invitational Basketball Tournament Championships featuring Shiron Brown and Fabian Pinnock for champions Take No Prisoners or TNP and Jerel Blassingame and Jerome Richardson for Bedford YMCA. Visit the New York City basketball league website of the DND website at:

Futbol Video in New York City

Here is a New York City futbol video, taken at Pier 40 in Manhattan. It is a soccer league run by a league called Metro Soccer. They have some pretty good matches and stay tuned to this page for some more videos or you can visit the website for this and more free sports videos.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York Personal Trainer Kinrod Priester's New Years Resolution Fitness Video

Here is the 2012 New Years resolution fitness video of New York personal trainer Kinrod Priester, who shows you how to achieve maximum fat loss and weight loss. Contact him at 646-470-9277 for a free fitness consultation and assessment on how he can help you create and maintain a 2012 New Years resolution to help you achieve your fitness, fat loss, weight loss and nutrition goals in New York City. Here he is training at Coliseum Gym in Queens New York ( ). To see more fitness video of New York City personal trainer and fitness instructor Kinrod Priester, visit the New York sports and fitness video website of

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New York City Football Photos of BQFL

Here are three New York City football photos taken this past weekend at the Brooklyn Queens Football League in Lindsay Park Brooklyn New York. It shows an obvious touchdown but for whatever reason, it was called back. You be the judge.

NYC Football TouchDown Photo

Here is the second photo in the series of New York City touchdown photographs at the BQFL NYC football tournament in Brooklyn New York.

New York Football Picture

NY Football Pic